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Ulysses Moore  
Ulysses Moore: the House Of MirrorsThe House of Mirrors
Everyone in Kilmore Cove has something to hide!

That's what Jason, Rick and Julia realize when they first hear about Mirror House and its eccentric creator, Peter Dedalus. He's concealed a dangerous secret about the Doors to Time inside his extraordinary home.

And it's up to the three friends to discover what it is - before evil Oblivia Newton does...

ISBN: 978 0439 95018 3. Paperback. £5.99

Ulysses Moore: the Door to TimeThe Door to Time
Twins Jason and Julia have moved with their parents to an old mansion on the Cornish coast. The place is full of secrets, and before long Jason, Julia, and their friend Rick find a mysterious-looking door.

Fast-paced, action-packed adventure packed with puzzles and codes to work out along with the book's heroes.

ISBN: 978 0439 95015 2. Paperback. £5.99


Ulysses Moore: The Long-lost MapThe Long-lost Map
Unimaginable mystery. Unavoidable danger. Unbelievable adventure.

Jason, Julia, and Rick have discovered one of the secrets of Argo Manor - the Door to Time. Now the door has transported them to Ancient Egypt, a mysterious land of labyrinths, riddles, and secrets.

Their task is to find the long-lost map of Kilmore Cove. But with the wicked Oblivia Newton and her servant, Manfred, on their trail, the stakes are higher than ever. . .

ISBN: 978 0439 95017 6. Paperback. £5.99












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